Our story

Nawhal’s sauces are above all a story of the heart, an encounter between two soul mates united and brought together for the love of new flavors.
It was in 2003 that the Nawhal’s adventure began. From the outset, the company will adopt a clear positioning at the origin of its success “innovate or disappear”.
Privileged partner of catering professionals and undisputed leader on the European ethnic market, the brand with 50 references seduces thanks to its unique recipes, made up of products from all over the world.

Our successes: The Essentials

Nawhal’s sauces have enabled thousands of restaurateurs (limited to mayonnaise and ketchup sauces) to renew their activity.
The Biggy Burger sauce, the Samouraï or the Fish to Fish are at the origin of the success of the new giants of fast food


Our factory is able to produce 90 tons of sauces per week, while respecting the quality and hygiene standards included in our specifications.
Our scalable production lines also allow us to constantly respond to market developments in terms of standards and regulations.
• Higher level BRC, HACCP, IFS certifications.
• Internal development laboratory, in charge of product innovation.
Optimised service quality
• Strategic location not far from the port of Antwerp, in Belgium in order to facilitate the distribution of our products in Europe and internationally.

Sauce Nawhal's Algérienne 350ml - Nawhals.com

The consecration


In designing this recipe, our founder and his teams had only one goal: to rediscover the taste and charm of traditional Maghreb dishes.

Often imitated never(r)equalled, the Algerian sauce and its cleverly seasoned composition remains to this day, “THE” emblematic reference of the Nawhal’s brand. It has completely disrupted the Snacking and GMS market.



The consumer has made us who we are. This is why Nawhal’s now offers all of its “star” sauces on the supermarket market in a new “sleeved” packaging. Widely represented in Europe and Morocco, the Nawhal’s brand continues to grow. Our development policy currently leads us to consider conquering continents such as Africa, America and Asia. As usual, our teams are working hard on new recipes: Cubanita, Miami or Puerto Rico Coco, from the new Carribean Summer range, should enjoy the same success as their big sisters.

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